New Library Project Now Fully Funded

New library project now fully funded! (posted December 21, 2018)

Thanks to a generous donation of stone by Blue Mountain Stone (Raul Vasquez) and a grant from Boulder County Worthy Cause, our capital project is now fully funded. We have reached the finish line, and can now turn our attention to outfitting the building with furniture, fixtures, equipment, and technology to serve the community.

Construction is on track

Despite a bit of cold weather, our construction is still on schedule for a Summer 2019 completion. Blankets and plastic sheeting prevented the sub-floor from freezing, and on Dec. 12th the actual slab-on-grade floor was poured. Bill Palmer (of the Foundation) arranged for donation of an excellent quality vapor barrier from Stego Industries. Thank you, Bill and Stego! All in-floor electrical and plumbing is now installed. The next step is wood framing, which is expected to continue for the next six weeks through the end of January, weather permitting.