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Hazel taking the stage at Wildflower Pavilion. Photo credit is “photo courtesy of Glynnis Farmwald”

July and August 2018

By Darcie Sanders, Lyons Regional Library District Trustee

Three major milestones met in July, plus state-wide recognition for our District!

The new library project met three major milestones in July, and we’re excited to share the progress.

Major fundraiser success

First, on July 12th, 2018 over 250 happy “Hazel Tasters” participated in the Taste of Lyons with a Splash of Blues featuring Hazel Miller and Her Big Band at the Planet Bluegrass Wildflower Pavilion. This event raised about $40,000 towards the new building in a single incredible night. Kudos to the extraordinary team that put it together: Lyons Regional Library District Foundation (Connie Eyster, Glynnis Farmwald, Janet Corson-Rikert, Bill Palmer, Liz Early), vendor-wrangler Holly Haakenson, the purveyors of all things delicious (Mojo Taqueria, SNACK, Oskar Blues, La Mariposa, and Pizza Bar 66, Spice of Life Catering, The Greenbriar Inn & Greenspoint Catering), underwriter Dick Ralston, venue sponsor Planet Bluegrass, and auctioneers extraordinaire Holly Beck, Connie Eyster, and Tanya Daty. The band was in top form, and Planet Bluegrass never looked more lovely. During the intermission break, as folks caught their breath and re-irrigated, there was also a short auction. Successful bidders went home with three-day festival passes, beautiful jewelry donated by Cronin Jewelers, and the decorating rights to three of the bathrooms in the new building. Our Lyons community certainly has a big heart, and we know how to do good and have fun!

Over $40,000 was raised towards the new building, which is a major funding milestone. Only about three-quarters ($160,000) of our Final Mile of Fundraising left to go, folks –THANK YOU!

Locals Job Fair well-attended

On July 18th and 21st Project Team members Rachel Fenn (Project Estimator), Dan Sullivan (Project Manager), Marc Groen (CFO), and Dave Eddy (Director of Preconstruction) of Fransen Pittman Construction Managers hosted two Locals Jobs Fairs. Rachel reports back that both Fairs were well-attended, and that they was impressed with the range and experience of skilled trades in Lyons. If you are interested but couldn’t make it to the Fairs, you can still call Rachel at 303-783-3900 or email her at

Major plan progress

After the fundraiser and the Jobs Fairs, our next important event was the Public Hearing before the Town of Lyons Planning and Community Development Commission (PCDC), which took place on Monday, July 23. Four members of the public spoke for the Library, and none spoke against. Town staff submitted their report with recommendations. Dennis Humphries of Humphries Poli Architects presented the plans and answered questions. After discussion and deliberation, plus the addition of a few amendments and conditions, the PCDC voted to approve our development plan.

Practically speaking, this approval means that the Library District can now move forward with finalizing construction drawings, costs, and contracts. The next big milestone on the horizon will be issuance of Building Permits, though there are of course many smaller steps leading up to that.

All these milestones met have really moved us further down the path to getting a shovel in the ground this Fall. Congrats to all!