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Future Building Design: Next Steps

Sit at a table with a topic that interest you (Adult Spaces, Meeting Areas, Children, Teen, Senior, Technology, Outdoor, etc.) and have a conversation with Library Board, Staff, Building Committee Member, or Architect as well as other people interested in our Library District’s future building.

Join us on Wednesday, June 28th, at the Oskar Blues meeting room, 303 Main Street in Lyons. All ages welcome. Light refreshments are provided.

For additional information call the Library at 303-823-5165 or email Board@lyonsregionallibrary.com.

Our Library is open for the summer on Thursdays from 10:30am to 5pm!

This started June 1, and will continue throughout the summer. Thursday hours may change in the fall. Plenty of notice will be given! We are really excited to open on Thursdays (same time as other days of the week except Wednesdays we are open until 8pm and Saturdays we are open 9am-5pm.

Meeting Schedule

All Library Board meetings are held at 6pm on the third Tuesday of the month at the Library, 405 Main Street, Lyons, CO 80504 unless otherwise noted. Town of Lyons Council Chambers are located at Lyons Town Hall at 432 5th Ave., Lyons, CO 80540. 

  • 01/05/2017 Board Study Session, 2 pm; After the study session at 3 pm the study session will become the Building Committee meeting which is also a Board Meeting.
  • 01/17/2017 Board Meeting
  • 01/26/2017 Special Board Meeting + Building Committee, to include an Executive Session as allowed under: 1.(§24-6-402(4)(a), C.R.S.) and 5. (§24-6-402(4)(e), C.R.S.), 9am
  • CANCELED: 02/02/2017 Board Study Session, 2 pm; After the study session at 3 pm the study session will become the Building Committee meeting which is also a Board Meeting.
  • 02/03/2017 Building Committee Meeting, 9am at the Commons House
  • 02/07/2017 Special Board Meeting, 5pm
  • CANCELLED: 02/14/2017 Special Board Meeting, 5pm
  • 02/21/2017 Board Meeting, to start one hour early at 5:30 pm
  • 03/02/2017 Board Study Session, 3 pm; After the study session at 4 pm the study session will become the Building Committee meeting which is also a Board Meeting.
  • 03/21/2017 Board Meeting
  • 04/04/2017 Building Committee Meeting which is also a Board Meeting, 11am at Town of Lyons Council Chambers
  • 04/06/2017 Special Board Meeting, 2pm at the Common House; to be an Executive Session to discuss personnel matters as specified in § 24-6-402(4), C.R.S. (2007)
  • 04/18/2017 Building Committee which is also a Board Meeting 11:15am, Town of Lyons Council Chambers 04/18/2017 Board Meeting
  • 05/02/2017 Building Committee meeting which is also a Board meeting; 11am in Town of Lyons Council Chambers
  • 05/04/17 Special Board Meeting to be an Executive Session to discuss personnel matters as specified in § 24-6-402(4), C.R.S. (2007); 8:30am
  • 05/16/2017 Board Meeting
  • 06/06/2017 Special Board Meeting to be an Executive Session to consider developing strategy for negotiations, instructing negotiators, and determining positions relative to matters that may be subject to negotiations, as per the Colorado Open Meetings statute (§24-6-402(4)(e), C.R.S.); 2:30 pm at 235 Park St., Lyons, CO 80540
  • 06/15/2017 Building Committee/Board Meeting; 1:00pm at Lyons Town Hall.
  • 06/27/2017 Board Meeting please note one week later than usual
  • 07/18/2017 Board Meeting
  • 07/27/2017 Special Board Meeting & Public Hearing on the Amended 2017 Budget
  • 08/15/2017 Board Meeting
  • 09/19/2017 Board Meeting
  • 10/17/2017 Board Meeting
  • 11/21/2017 Board Meeting (may change due to Thanksgiving)
  • 12/16/2017 Board Meeting


The Lyons Regional Library District was created in September 2013 to build and operate a new library following the disastrous flood that destroyed much of the library and the Town of Lyons. On July 1, 2015, the Library officially became the Lyons Regional Library District and began to serve its expanded population. The Library District generally covers the same area as the Lyons Fire Protection District and is governed by a separate board of trustees appointed by the Town of Lyons, Boulder County and Larimer County.  The Lyons Regional Library District serves people in both Boulder and Larimer counties.

All Library Board of Trustee meetings are open to the public.


Current Board Members:

Kathleen Crane, President
Lori Adams-Weaver, Vice President
Erin Biesiada, Treasurer
Darcie Sanders, Secretary
Lisa Sobeniak, Member-at-Large
Sarah Catchpole, Member-at-Large
Sandy Banta, Member-at-Large

Contact the Board by email at board@lyonsregionallibrary.com or write to Lyons Regional Library District, PO Box 619, Lyons CO 80540.

Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes Board Meeting 2017.04.18
Minutes Special Board Meeting 2017.05.04
Minutes Special Board Meeting 2017.05.15
Special Board Meeting Minutes 2017.04.06
Board Meeting Minutes 2017.03.21
Board Meeting Minutes 2017.02.21
BoardMeeting Minutes 2017.01.17
Board Meeting Minutes 2017.02.21
Special Board Meeting Minutes 2017.01.26
Special Board Meeting Minutes 2017.01.05
Board Meeting Minutes 2016.12.13
10-18-16 Board Minutes
10-04-2016 Board Minutes
09-23-201 Board Minutes
09-20-1 Board Minutes
09-08-16 Board Minutes
08-23-201 Board Minutes
07-19-2016 Board Minutes
06-21-2016 Board Minutes
6-07-2016 Board Minutes
5-17-2016 Board Minutes
4-20-2016 Board Minutes
3-15-2016 Board Minutes
2-16-2016 Board Minutes
2-10-2016 Board Minutes
1-19-2016 Board Minutes

Library District Budget

2017 Proposed Budget
2015 Budget Amended

Library District Annual Report

2016 Final Amended Status Report

Board Policies and Procedures

Behavior Policy 2017.01
Collection Development Policy 2017.02.21
Inclement Weather Policy2017.01
Meeting Space Policy 2017.04.18
LRL Computer Internet Policy 2017.03.21
Lyons Regional Library Conflict of Interest Policy
Lyons Regional Library Financial Policy
Lyons Regional Library Open Records Policy
Lyons Regional Library District Bylaws
Lyons Regional Library District Patron Privacy Policy