July 2018
Hazel taking the stage at Wildflower Pavilion. Photo credit is “photo courtesy of Glynnis Farmwald”

July 2018

A shout out to a wonderful member of our community, Patricia McGrane. Patricia couldn’t make it to the Taste of Lyons-Hazel Miller event due to being out of town, so she went ahead and bought tickets for two other couples who otherwise would not have been able to attend. According to her Lyons Happenings post she did it “in honor of my EXTREME love for live Blues music and public libraries.” Patricia hopes that “everyone has an amazing time at this event and that the library gets the needed $$$ for its growth!” Patricia, thank you for your generous humanity and we hope you have a great time in Italy. (Or, as…

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February 2016 News

Lyons Regional Library will stay at 405 Main Street until our new building is completed. Our projection for the new building is sometime in 2018. Feb. 2016:  The Lyons Regional Library Board has decided to continue library operations at our Main St. location while our new building is being planned. For more information, see this news release from the Lyons Regional Library District Board. Our address is 405 Main Street. We are located on the west end of Main Street in Lyons. Our PO Box is 619, our email is info@lyonsregionallibrary.com, and our phone number is 303-823-5165. Please come on by!

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