• Shirley Sullivan

September will bring new faces to the Lyons Regional Library District team, in addition to familiar faces in new roles.

As of September 1, 2019, Assistant Director Kara Bauman will be stepping up into the role of Library Director. Due to family commitments, Rebecca Schuh will be leaving her position as chief executive, but will be staying on until new staff are established.  Reflecting on her time here, Rebecca says that she is “extremely proud to have been a part of the evolution of Lyons Regional Library District (LRLD) as we have moved into the Lyons Community Library. I am also excited that Kara will become the next LRLD Director; she is extremely talented and committed to the Lyons community.” 

The Board shares Rebecca’s enthusiasm for Kara. Kara has a proven track record of dedication, strategic thinking, and many years of professional experience. 

Kara is elated to lead the District forward during this time of growth, and notes that “I learned so much from Rebecca and the vast experience she brought to the role.  I was honored to work so closely with her during her time here, and there’s a lot of groundwork I hope to build upon. Staff and I are confident that we can continue to expand our services to our supportive community.”  

Rebecca played a critical role in the development and success of our move into the new building. We will miss her and her inspiring leadership and wish her the best of luck. 

September is also the month when trustee terms turn over. Departing members this year are Kathleen Crane, Darcie Sanders, and Lori Adams-Weaver. Join us in welcoming incoming members Brian Donnell, Bill Palmer, and Shirley Sullivan. We all look forward to seeing you at the Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, September 7, noon – 5pm.

Incoming Trustee Brian Donnell

An engineer and musician, Brian previously served on the Town of Lyons Board of Trustees from 2004-2010.

Incoming Trustee Bill Palmer

An engineer and editor, Bill previously served on the Lyons Community Foundation and also was an important member of the Library Building Committee.

Incoming Trustee Shirley Sullivan

Shirley holds a master’s degree in library science and has worked in military, public, and university libraries.

Incoming Director Kara Bauman

Patrons are already familiar with Kara Bauman, who holds a master’s degree in library science and previously served as our Adult Experiences Librarian and Assistant Director.